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Over the last three years, Gary Bashford and his team have helped us transform our large weatherboard property from a tired 1990’s house to a fresh, modern holiday home.
Gary provided assistance every step of the way, including colour advice and matching, having the equipment to reach difficult areas, having a large enough team to undertake the task, being able to meet with us on site over the weekends, and being prepared to do the work in sections as holiday bookings and our finances allowed.   We have been delighted with the quality of the work, Gary’s preparedness to go the extra yards given our inability to be on-site, and the final outcome.


skiSki Lodge
Mt. Hotham

Over the last few years, Bashford Painters of Bairnsdale have painted, re-painted and touched-up our chalet at Mt. Hotham.   The chalet is not easily accessible, nor located on flat ground, being located directly adjoining The Basin ski run.   Nothing posed a challenge to the Director, Gary Bashford, and his team.   Their workmanship is excellent and they often go beyond the scope of work and recommend or repair loose weatherboards or seal any areas that may pose an issue in the coming years.

Bashford Painters pride themselves in their high quality work as we, the owners, do in the presentation of our chalet to guests, and together we have forged a great working relationship in the upkeep of the chalet on a regular basis, as opposed to a large overhaul of a run down building.

Bashford Painters have proved themselves as a quality company that excel in their work and I highly recommend their service.


BuilCo Projects Pty. Ltd.

We have used Bashford Painters on various projects in Victoria, NSW, QLD and SA over a long period.

Bashford Painters demonstrated from the outset that they were project focussed and quickly gained the confidence of us and our clients.

The onsite team was backed up by a highly efficient head office support.   Effective forward planning contributed greatly to many early project completions.

I rate Bashford Painters very highly, they have integrity, they work effectively as a team and I would be pleased to work with them on any future project.

Without hesitation, I would recommend them for any future project.

Jodie Perryperry
Riviera Mortgage Broking

It is with much pleasure that I provide a testimonial in regards to the painting work recently completed at my new office at 32 Service Street, Bairnsdale.

When I contacted Gary for a quote for the painting work I expected to be waiting a few days to meet one of the staff on site.  To my surprise, as you were working locally near by, you were there yourself within 10 minutes, actually arriving on site before I even got there!   With previous experience with other tradesmen, I expected to be waiting for days.   The prompt service was excellent.

All the painting work was completed to a high standard and also within the time frames as quoted which meant that I was able to move on to my new office on time.

Your choice with colour selection was very helpful and I have had several clients comment how eye catching the shop front is now and that it was easy to find me.

I was also impressed with your staff re-painting a wall that was damaged by the floor covering contractors whilst they were laying my carpet.

Thanks to the team at Bashford Painters for a great job.  Well Done!!


Bruce & Kris

A recent additional property purchase, within the exclusive Shaving Point area of Metung, required a comprehensive makeover before it could be placed within the higher end holiday rental pool. The property was obviously much loved by its previous owners, but it was tired and unfashionable.   It had to be altered from a family home into an upmarket holiday property to satisfy a discerning clientele.

The brief was to capture the “Wow Factor” and ambience of existing holiday rental properties in the complex which I own, and which had been recently renovated to a stunning standard, to match the incredible quality of these existing properties, and to do it with the owner as the “project manager” – potentially a tradies nightmare.   The cruncher was the deadline: time – eight weeks and counting – until the first anticipated clients.

The pressure was on, and although the efforts of the builder, plasterer, plumber, electricians and other trade workers, who had all been hired on a casual basis, were monumental under the circumstance, we could see the time line becoming impossible to achieve.

Introducing Bashford Painters, who had done some incidental work for us at our existing properties, and who had impressed on these smaller commissions with attention to detail and quality work.

It became clear that nothing was too much trouble for Bashford Painters.   The co-ordination with the other tradesmen, and liaising with the owners, as to the needs for colour, texture, finish, and the product selection, was handled skilfully and with sound advice.

The effort taken to match the style of the existing properties was exemplary, and within a short time it was obvious that Bashford Painters had their eye on the end game, even when the owners were struggling to manage the processes of the renovation.   The builder also played his part of “Time keeper”, but it took Bashford Painters to control the timeline, and that is not easy when painting is often the final chore.

The fact that the renovation was delivered on time, with the brief achieved, is a great result for us.   When a room or two needed to be refinished due to the selected colour not “working” in the ambient light, it is just another example of, and testament to, the commitment, professionalism and quality workmanship of Gary and his team at Bashford Painters.   No hold up was noticed and the change seemed seamless.

The understanding shown by Gary of what was required, why the deadlines mattered, and why the necessary standard and quality was a given, assisted us all to achieve a fantastic result.   Great confidence in the end result is also instilled when a quality product like Dulux is insisted upon by quality tradesmen.

The pride shown by Bashford Painters in their work, and the fact that they substantially contributed to the success of the project by jumping in and doing their work at every opportunity afforded by the other tradesmen was astonishing to observe.   No last minute change was too much trouble, and the end result has left me thrilled with the renovation afforded the property.

Bashford Painters became the icing on the cake for the project.   The almost total stripping out, replastering, carpeting and painting of a three bedroom, three bathroom property, worth well in excess of a million dollar, is not undertaken lightly.   The uncertainty of the final result, using tradesmen they had never engaged before, had the owners a bit nervous, to say the least. There was no need to worry. Bashford Painters managed their brief with aplomb, and the project was completed on time, under the anticipated budget, and with fabulous workmanship and co-operation.

The pride in their work, the care taken to assist and preserve the work of the other trades, and indeed the co-operation shown to all, is a testament to Bashford Painters staff.

I have other painting projects which need to be undertaken on some properties in North East Victoira.   Gary Bashford and his staff have been commissioned to undertake these projects.   The extra travel costs will be worth it.

Satisfied customer?  You bet!