Bashford Painters

The Bashford Painters team has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is committed to providing quality workmanship and customer service.

The success of Bashford Painters is due to the integration of many factors. One of the most significant contributions comes from the staff who work as part of the Bashford Painters team.

The crew is a cohesive team and they work together with a clear focus on quality. The diversity in age, skills and personality adds to versatility of the team.

We would like to acknowledge their skills, knowledge and professional contribution to our business.



What do you enjoy about painting and decorating?
The transformation of the project regardless of the size of the project.
There is great satisfaction in having a happy client. It brings personal satisfaction when delivering a quality product to them.


What do you value about working as a member of the Bashford Painters team?
Great team.
Good mix of youth and “older” people.
A lot of experience.


What do you enjoy about painting and decorating?
The satisfaction of looking over a job that is finished and it looks a millon bucks and to know i did the job right.



Why did you decide to become a painting and decorating apprentice?

I chose painting and decorating because I thought it would be a good apprenticeship to do and I always wanted to get into a trade industry.